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Kharitas Geomatics

Our Survery services include

Land Survey

We provide a broad base of land survey services, including mutations, titling, and beaconing. Our land survey services entail the measurement and mapping of the land using specialized tools and technology. We also integrate mathematical calculations on any aspects that our clients would like us to include. We focus on cadastral and land subdivision surveys relating to land ownership and property boundaries.

Topo Survey

We apply GPS equipment to offer the most accurate control points on where the survey was done. Topo survey aims to locate all the land’s surface features and illustrate all the natural elevations and features in that property. The topographic survey can also be termed as 3-D mapping as it is more detailed than the standard mapping survey. It is an in-depth illustration of all-natural and human-made features in a land.

Engineering Survey

Our engineering survey services include both mechanical and civil tasks. These include formwork- finished surfaces and underground utilities, to mention a few. We utilize top-notch digital equipment such as real time kinematics GPS to acquire highly accurate information. We apply built-in coordinate geometry functions to enhance on-the-fly coordinates’ calculations for fast and efficient reposition of formwork by the construction crews.

Drone Survey and Mapping

We go the extra mile of using drones to survey and map properties to capture every detail on the land. This allows us to take clear images at an aerial angle. This is crucial for surveying and mapping distances and volumetric measurements efficiently.

GIS and Mapping

Geographic information and system mapping involve using a unique form of mapping technology to obtain and layer geographic points information. It is quite different from the usual static mapping as it allows us to view data in layers. We offer GIS data collection and GIS data design while covering every aspect of the land.

Sale and Hire

We have the competitive prices for land surveying machines, tools and their accessories i.e Total stations, RTK, Drones, Dumpy levels, Measurement tapes, ranging rods

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